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wearable wireless cooling relief

Let's face it, no one likes to be hot, sweaty or overheated. When you’re too hot, it makes work & daily life unbearable, and fun activities not so fun. Keeping this in mind, we created the W Fan, wearable wireless cooling relief.

Why “W Fan”? The “W” represents key features of this amazing & useful product: Wearable, Whenever, Wherever and Wireless. Unlike hand-held fans, the W Fan sits comfortably around your neck, keeping your hands-free!

With global warming on the rise, we’re all responsible for helping to protect the planet. Through little changes in our daily life, we can have a huge impact. By using the W Fan inside to stay cool, there is no need to rely solely on air conditioning, which can help reduce your carbon footprint. With outdoor temperatures on the rise, the W Fan is the perfect eco-friendly way to keep cool. W Fan let’s you “Stay Breezy” no matter where you are or what you’re doing!

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Q : Will the sound of the fan motor be noticeable?

- A : Made with quite and powerful brushless DC motor, there is very little audible noise.

Q : Is the W Fan waterproof?

- A :  Small amounts of sweat or rain are not an issue, however, the product is not waterproof. Avoid using in wet conditions.

Q : How long does it take to charge the W Fan?

- A : Charging takes approximately three (3) hours. The LED light of the on/off button will change from red to yellow when completely charged. Product is designed to not overcharge . Always remove charging cable from USB port when completely charged.

Q : What should I use to charge the W Fan?

-A : When charging, always use the provided USB cable. Charge from an AC adapter or product, like a computer, with a rechargeable battery that has a dedicated USB port with a guaranteed power supply of 5V 500mA.

Q : How many times can the W Fan be charged?

- A : The rechargeable battery will last for 300+ charges. With each charge, the battery becomes slightly weaker, so wait to re-charge until battery is completely dead.

*Please charge product if it has not been used in over three (3) months.

Q : Can I use the W Fan while it is charging?

- A : No, please do not use W Fan while charging.

Q : Can you replace the battery?

- A :  The battery is not replaceable. Please do not take product apart.

Q : How do you clean the W Fan?

- A : Only use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the body of the W Fan, avoiding the area around the on/off button. Please do not let neckband come in direct contact with wearing suntan lotion or sunscreen as they can cause color to fade.

Q : Is it OK for children to use this product?

- A : The W Fan is not a toy and is designed for ages 12+. Please do not throw or drop product.