W Fan 2nd Edition

7 Key Features

1. Hands-free Design
Simply place the W Fan around your neck, adjust the fans, and wear it comfortably keeping hands-free. 
2. Stay Breezy when you fly!
Powered by nickel-hydride battery so safe to use on the plane!
3. Battery Life
Our W Fan comes with a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, battery will work for approximately 2.5 to 7 hours.  (The life span of the battery is about 500 charges. Battery life decreases with time and cannot be replaced.)
4. 3 Speeds
Complete with three (3) speeds to adjust air flow: low, medium or high.
5. Easy Charging
Recharging the battery is as easy as plugging in a USB cable. 
6. Flexible Arms
Adjustable fan heads turn in any direction.
7. Powerful & Quiet
Specifically designed with 5 blades in each fan head producing maximum air flow with minimal noise.
・Charging time required 3.5 hours per use
・Fan will operate appropriately 2.5 to 7 hours depending on setting used
・The lower the setting, the longer battery will operate
・Battery life slowly decreases with time
・Battery can not be replaced